This is a side view of my trike build. It's a combination of a Warrior and Street Fox plan. I wanted suspension so I looked for a trail bike to harvest the rear suspension. Walmart had a new but old stock trail bike on sale for $55. I used the suspension, rear tire, crank, and head tube.
As indicated above my trike build is a combination of Street Fox and Warrior features. I used the rear suspension of a trail bike so that I would have some handling suspension. It works very well and makes a more comfortable ride. The rear wheel is from the trail bike so I kept the derailer and the wheel cassette for a more seamless operation. My 20" front wheels are take-offs from a new TerraTrike. I had my brother in law mill axels to to fit the wheels. I purchased the wheels because of the beefy axel and it was machined for disc brakes. I ordered a new brake set for the front wheels and by mistake the vendor sent me a hydraulic set. I have never had hydraulic brakes before on a bike so this was a great surprise. It stops smoothly and on a dime. Since I used the Street Fox front design I followed the plan for direct drive steering. This is the only negative for me, since I am used to indirect drive under the seat steering. I plan to change the steering to indirect/under the seat style.

The other thing I would change is I would buy new steel for the frame. I was given the 1 1/2" square steel by a family member. It had lots of surface rust but still had its integrity. But it took a lot of grinding to remove the rust. I think it would have been worth the $50 to buy new metal.

I made a seat frame out of aluminum angle stock and patterned the seat frame to accommodate a mesh TerraTrike seat. I made it adjustable to accommodate different size riders.

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