Streetfox build


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Am just about finished with my street fox build. Went on its first test ride. Felt pretty good. Only thing it turns right WAY better than it turns left. It’s rideable like it is. Just wonder if anyone else has had this issue. And hoping for some ideas on a possible remedy
Thanks in advance
By better do you mean it turns further or easier? It could be one the rod ends on the drag link is hitting it's mount. It could also be a stiff kingpin if not welded 100% in-line. You can check that by undoing the drag link and turning each wheel independently.
I woke up thinking about this so I went out there and put the trike back together (it’s disassembled do to storage constraints) . It turns easier to the right takes a lot more effort to turn it left. Feels like it’s binding up. Ended up being the center link binding on the left side. Actually took a washer under it to correct the problem. Which leads me to think the brake arms (which on mine are really only used to connect the center link to each side. I put disc brakes on it vise the caliper brakes per the plans I used). Are slightly off on one side or the other. Anyway the washer under the l/s center link connection cured it. Now it turns both ways with the same amount of effort. And rides just fine

Thank you for your response Wish I had read this earlier today. But you are 100% correct