QBX quads off roading , real extreme riding on a MTB track

Hi all

I found this French quad QBX looks real smart except very tall and very big ?

QBX range


So catching up on their videos came across this : -

very fast and punishing down hill MTB track , they don't spare them at all lots of on 3 wheels and jumps.

Lots more vids here Videos

Rear fixed axle? only one discs makes both rear wheel brake? so only god for off road?
Extremely high steering, hit a dead stop and goodbye teeth.
Otherwise interesting.
Rear fixed axle? only one discs makes both rear wheel brake? so only god for off road?
Hard to say ? could it have free wheel hubs ?

Extremely high steering, hit a dead stop and goodbye teeth.

Yes it could be a little lower and not keen on the handlebar portion , however it would seem to get lots of steering lock you need a steering column like this ?

Otherwise interesting.
Yes a lot of good engineering , quite light and seems very stable for such a high seat ?

Frame: High-strength aluminum sheet / laser cut and CN bent / "wolf trap" type reinforcement + 30% TIG welding
Paintwork: Thermo-lacquering: titanium gray metallic
Front/rear suspension: Front aluminum double wishbone + DNM DV22 rear shock absorber (150 lbs spring) / Rear aluminum swingarm + DNM DV22 rear shock absorber. (450Lbs spring) Travel : Front : 80mm / Rear: 120mm
Front/AT brake: 100% Hydraulic disc brake with 2 SHIMANO DEORE calipers/lever 2 front 140mm discs with QBX distributor / 1 SHIMANO DEORE caliper/lever 1 rear 160mm disc
Wheels: 24 '' Specific QBX hub / specific RYDE double-walled aluminum rim / 36 SAPIM stainless steel spokes
Front/rear tyres: 24 inches / 2.0 or 2.5 KENDA/HUTCHINSON/FAT 24×3.0 tire optional
Type: 4×2 propulsion / 2 permanent rear wheel drive (100% human)
Electrical energy: Without Battery
Motor + crankset + housing: SHIMANO M521 24x32x42 / Without Motor.
Front derailleur: SHIMANO Acera/Alivio
Rear derailleur: SHIMANO 9V 11->32 or 11->34 / 12->36
Cassette / gearbox: Pinion: 22t / Crown: 22t ratio 1:1
Control : SHIMANO Acera/Alivio
Chain: KMC main and secondary transmission e9K
Steering: Adjustable in depth and inclination
Seat: "Bucket" type structure with double skins in FV Polyester composite materials / Adjustment: depth 120mm / Absorbent: open cell aerated foam with integral cover in 3D fabrics
Length / width / height (mm): 1850 / 940 / 1200 (M chassis) or 1930 / 940 / 1200 (L chassis)
Empty weight: 28kg with 24×2.0 tire (without: pedal and “fin” bumper)
Distance: unlimited, directly linked to the driver…
Pilot charging time: an entire night…
If it had freewheel hubs the brake wouldn't work. The handlebar position looks adjustable. Looks like there's a couple of bolts in the central mount to nip the inner tubing as it slides up and down.
Good call on the brakes !

Its the vertical bars that don't appeal , I would prefer them slightly angled down ? /-\