AZ inspired trike build starts!

Thanks @Radical Brad for the compliment! I'm very pleased with how it's turning out. My wife picked the colors, and she likes it a lot too. She even mentioned it without me bringing it up!

Tonight I got some time to work on reassembly. I learned a neat trick from a guy at Harbor Freight, a fellow customer actually: For bed frame, you can drill it using HF's step drill bits IF you press really hard on them first so that they don't get a chance to work harden, because bed frame angle iron is already hardened. This, I did not know, and it explains why I dulled most of my drill bits working with it. sigh. I did use this trick tonight though, since one of the seat back mounts was a little smallish.

Got the drivetrain installed and the seat, and used old stems to cap the front fork and the crank tube. The crank tube will get used to mount something or other (batteries, probably) and the one on the front fork will have a tab welded to it and be used to mount the LED light I bought for this purpose.

The seat is installed again, and all that's left to do at this point is reinstall the brakes, run cabling, and then spend time setting up all three derailers so I have access to all the gears without worrying about a derailment. We're almost there!

I also picked up 20' of 3/4" .060 wall square tubing this week so I have plenty to use to fabricate the rear bed. I had one started, but I'm really not sure if it's what I want. I have some thinking to do. Since I can't get the same paint again, I'm going to make it so that it can bolt onto the current frame. That might be a winter project at this rate lol.

No pictures or anything, as today there was no progress on the trike. I slept in, and lazed around a bit. Then I ran to Home Depot and ran other errands. But, I got a 4x8" sheet of 4mm thick coroplast for $22 USD, and I'm going to use that to build the box for the back! I'm quite excited. It's light, durable, and easy to work with. I can't wait to get that done too. Then I'll be able to start on the electronics.