Anyone recognise this IGH ?

Hi all

Came across this very neat installation using a IGH hub and 2 free wheels for 2wd


Anyone recognise the hub used ?

Any ideas how to attach the 2 sprockets to the spoke flanges ? I assume spoke holes are < M3 ?

I expect they simply drilled out a few spoke holes. Would think M5 bolts would suffice. It's a neat solution though that axle looks puny. Can't id the specific hub though.
it is a UK pedal car for racing , seems a bit of overkill having both disc braked rear wheels and SA hub braked front wheels ?


Yes very neat although the IGH must be very close to the ground ?
It looks like the hub could have been higher either behind the axle or in front of it ?


Spot on me thinks , I have a Nexus 7 speed and a Nuvinci 360 currently not in wheels however I am reluctant to drill out spoke holes although the Nexus was <£10 IIRC

It makes the gear ratio's tricky as well , as the IGH has to have 2 large output sprockets to attach to the spoke holes and freewheels are limited in tooth count unless they are also given large chain rings which then mean greater spacing from the axle ........

Looks very much like my SRAM-S7 hub with that "click-box" changer.
Unusual and not made any more it has a turned steel hub-shell.
Although I doubt they would use it for this application. The "click-box" and the tapering in of the shell is what stands out as being identical.