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  1. vk3ckc

    Would this be of use to anyone ? Hilgo gear changer

    First reply from me for a number of years. Good to see everything going strong. I built one of those Hilgo shifters back in 2019 - still mentioned on the forum. I loved it. Made up a T-bar shifter that push/pulled two cables. I had a conventional 5-speed on the rear wheel and it was fun to be...
  2. vk3ckc

    Quad Inspiration?

    If you are looking for inspiration for a quad project, you could do worse than PodBike: There are plenty of videos to stimulate your thinking. There is also an interesting interview on Laidback Bike Report: There seems to be a habit these days to refer...
  3. vk3ckc

    The Perfect Trike Design

    You are provided with 3 wheels, not necessarily all the same size. Your task is to come up with what might be considered the best, either operationally or aesthetically, design for holding the wheels, seat, steering, including suspension if desired, together. Hand drawings are all that is...
  4. vk3ckc

    Weired and Wonderful Electrics

    Was strolling through the woods one day ... Seriously, I suddenly saw in a local shopping centre, securely tied to a hitching rail so it couldn't suddenly take off under its own steam, this, someone's pride and joy. DIY battery boxes and all. Note the size of the tail light below the seat...
  5. vk3ckc

    Road/Ride Safety

    Haven't seen anything on AZ re riding and safety. So I thought I'd start one. Surely it is an issue for many and that is why I mainly ride off-road although one still has to cross roads.Many riding issues are only due to today's car-minded society or, so it is in Australia. I saw a "safety...
  6. vk3ckc

    Wood You Build IT?

    There have been a few posts recently regarding wooden trikes and velomobiles. Having followed them, and viewed a few video links here and there, an idea came to me. This is always a dangerous thing as it inevitably leads to thoughts of another project. Anyway, here follows what might be a whole...
  7. vk3ckc

    VK3CKC's eLecTricks Trike Design and Build.

    I have been holding off posting build details until it was well under way. It is happening slowly but it is happening. I built my Warrior a few years ago as an experiment for suitability for something I had in mind. I then hung various bits and pieces on it and modified it a bit. This build is...
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