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  1. dandeangeli

    Starting over, but feeling okay about it

    Hello AZers I am breaking down the rear end of my pedal car, having become discouraged by the limitations of the welded axle wheel combo as specified by the design of the Timberwolf, and Streetfox designs. Moving forward, I will use normal bicycle wheels with a freewheel cassette hub on the...
  2. dandeangeli

    Pedal Car near completion

    Hello AZers: It has taken a year, but I at last have the frame and motor complete on my pedal car. Still a lot of tweaking to the steering, brakes, drivetrain, but the final form is now in sight. Thanks again to Hape04, Brad, stormbird, Danny and others who have guided the way... I hope to...
  3. dandeangeli

    Ackerman Gone Bad

    Hello AZ I am making fine progress after months of delay on my Timberwolf Street Fighter Hybrid. I will try to post some pics of the first test drive. I decided to make a steering columns instead of the pilot linkage suggested for the Street fighter steering. The result is shown here, and...
  4. dandeangeli

    Techniques for Faring Building

    Hey AZers Just starting to think ahead a few months when I hope to commence the body of my Pedal Car. I have seen coroplast, fiberglass, aluminum types of faring built for velocycles. I am comfortable with wood and less so with fiberglass, but I am very keen to hear what others have done and...
  5. dandeangeli

    bottom bracket for Timberwolf

    Hello AZERs I am now commencing the build of the adjustable bottom bracket (pages 139 to 147) in the manual. My choice for repurposing was an old Releigh but when I ground it down, I discovered big holes where the down tube and framing are welding into the bottom bracket tube. Really not a...
  6. dandeangeli

    Building Wheels for Streetfighter, Timberwolf Etc.

    Hey guys I am interested in hearing about how others have built their own wheels to accomodate the need for hubless wheels. My current approach is to buy a wheel that will work and then fabricate flanges to match the commericially made hubs. Dan in Boston
  7. dandeangeli

    More Obsessing about Brakes

    AZers: I am in the middle, actually more like the beginning of my build of a Streetfighter/Timberwolf. I notice that some of the AZ plans (Streetfighter, Aurora Delta) seem to not have front brakes. Hape03 has weighed on this and said that he would add them if he did it again, but I curious...
  8. dandeangeli

    New Guy on Atomic Zombie looking for Welding guidance

    Hello AZiers I am looking to build an electric trike in the next year, probably from old bike frames and square steel tubing. I have a garage to work in with 200 amp current. I want to know what the recommended gear would be for welding frames to get my project started. I am thinking MIG...