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  1. SirJoey

    Pluggin' AZ on Social Media!

    Just discovered MeWe, a social media site that boasts privacy & freedom of speech as top priorities! They've apparently been around since 2018, but I only just recently discovered them. Their membership is exploding exponentially, mainly from people seeking privacy, & freedom from ads...
  2. SirJoey

    Anybody Up For A Trade?

    So, I finally finished the Marauder 1.5 a few months back, but I've barely ridden it at all. When I started working on it, I lived out in the country where it would've been safe to ride, but I now live in a city, it's dangerous to ride anyway, & this one's not really my thing. So.... I'd be...
  3. SirJoey

    Great Cycle Challenge! (Charity Ride) Children's cancer research, charity fundraiser. Anybody wanna sponsor me? Thanx! :) ***
  4. SirJoey

    Hand-Built Car Bike!

  5. SirJoey

    Bicycle Zip Line!

    This is SOOOO cool! I would do this in a HEARTBEAT! ***
  6. SirJoey

    TEN YEARS in the making!!! Presenting the M-1.5!!!

    I liked the straight boom of the M-1, but I liked the suspenstion of the M-2, so I combined them, thus the M-1.5! Sportin' non-indexing shifters (my favorite), & blue tires with solid tubes, so no worries about flats! ...EVER! :giggle: The overcast day doesn't show...
  7. SirJoey

    All the way from the UK to the USA!

    Got a nice little gift in today's mail, all the way from the UK! Some old-school Atomic Zombie stickers, YAY! :D It's always fun to receive stuff in the mail, especially from around the world! Thank you Emma (Twinkle)! Most kind & generous of you! (y) ***
  8. SirJoey

    9 YEARS in the MAKING?!! The big reveal soon!!!

    Pulled this out of my storage unit a couple of weeks ago. This is what 9 years of rust on an unpainted frame looks like! And it was never left outside!!! :oops: Welded this one up 9 years ago, when I still had a welder & a shop. Feel like I need a tetanus shot just from looking at it. :eek...
  9. SirJoey

    So I Got This Little Scratch.... (WARNING! GRAPHIC!!!)

    Went to the storage unit yesterday to try to do a little work on one of my bents. Unfortunately, the door doesn't stay up all the way, so coming out, I bashed my head SUPER hard, knocking me to the floor, nearly unconscious, passing out a few minutes later! So I bashed my head, hit the...
  10. SirJoey

    So What's The Deal With Runners?

    Now that I'm back to riding regularly, albeit by means of my stupid UPWRONG, I've noticed something peculiar. I go out for a few miles most mornings, as I'm able, & I frequently see people walking, running, & cycling. I normally smile, greet them with a "Good Morning", & wave. Most walkers will...
  11. SirJoey

    My "Cars"

  12. SirJoey

    AZ Merchandise....

    Just realized, I don't see a link to any kind of AZ merch. Has it been phased out due to budget restraints? Or maybe lack of interest? I remember there used to be hats, t-shirts, stickers, etc. Am I just overlooking it somewhere? :unsure: ***
  13. SirJoey

    Caught The Latest AZ Video Yesterday!

    Stumbled across the latest AZ video yesterday on my Roku box, while (once again) watching cycling videos. It was only 19 minutes old at the time, & I was view #9! YAHOO! Check it out, folks! Very cool, Brad! (y) ***
  14. SirJoey

    SirJoey... bought an UPWRONG?!!!

    NO! SAY IT ISN'T SO!!! Unfortunately, it is! And I feel like such a traitor... In my own defense, however, let me say that apartment life prevents me from bringing any of my beloved bents home, so, in a DESPERATE attempt to do at least SOME small measure of riding, I have, at long...
  15. SirJoey

    IDIOT Wheel Seller On fleaBay

    Somehow the front axle on the 20" front wheel of my Bulldog trike got stripped, so, as much as I HATE supporting fleaBay, I resorted to it out of desperation, because here in armpit KY, we have no LBS. Found a wheel I liked & messaged the IDIOT, asking him what size the axle was, to which he...
  16. SirJoey

    12 YEARS of Zombiedom!

    Yep, it was 12 years ago today I joined Atomic Zombie, albeit in an earlier incarnation of the forum! It's been quite a run for me, having completed around 25 various HPV projects, most of which are now gone. Although forced (unfortunately) to retire from the hobby for the past 6 years due to...
  17. SirJoey

    3 Cops, 1 Bike

    Apparently cyclists are a major threat in our neighborhood! It took 3 squad cars full of cops to take down this one! Seriously though, I'm glad they nailed this guy. Turns out, this is one of those rare cases where they actually CATCH a SCUMBAG BIKE THIEF! I watched them haul him off to the...
  18. SirJoey

    My 5 Year Anniversary....

    For our 5 year anniversary yesterday, I made my wife this SUPER cool, custom-made anniversary card, & even threw in a bunch of CASH, but for some odd reason, she seemed less than enthusiastic about it. ***
  19. SirJoey


    Any yep, the cranks & wheels actually turn! Can't wait to take it out for a spin! :ROFLMAO: ***
  20. SirJoey

    Why & When Did You Go "Bent"?

    I'd like to read some tales here about why each of us rode their first bent, & when! My first one was a Rans Stratus, a regular 2-wheeled recumbent bike. I was an avid cyclist, & bought it because of back problems. I reasoned that it would be far more comfortable sitting in a seat with a back...