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  1. Radical Brad

    Repurchasing DYI plans?

    No problem, you can use.... brad at lucidscience dot com Had to write it like that so spambots don't pick it up.
  2. Radical Brad

    Opinions Wanted... Subscription Based Mega Plan Site!

    The entire main site is gone. It was so hacked and full of malware that I deleted it completely. I will be working on converting plans into the new format here starting this week. Thanks, Brad
  3. Radical Brad

    Opinions Wanted... Subscription Based Mega Plan Site!

    Thanks for all of your ideas, and for being part of this great community. Sorry to hear about your loss, and hope you find joy in your DIY projects. Brad
  4. Radical Brad

    Pictures disappearing.

    On some of the older threads, photos will be gone. When I first installed this forum 10 years ago, I had the photo upload option enabled. Within a year, the entire site went down due to storage size so I had to remove the function. After that, photos that are linked are from whatever external...
  5. Radical Brad

    Never try to be too clever.

    One of the very few examples where that old saying might apply.... "if it ain't broke..."
  6. Radical Brad

    New Forum Online!

    Thanks! Yeah, I needed a change to keep it interesting! Like painting that old bike, I guess.
  7. Radical Brad

    Opinions Wanted... Subscription Based Mega Plan Site!

    Ok, it's only been FIVE years since I posted this question, but I have decided to implement an all access membership to the 40+ DIY Plans and put them in this forum as online content. I am just working out the code for this, but the goal is to have a category just like the "Tutorials" on the...
  8. Radical Brad

    New Forum Online!

    Thanks for checking. Fixed that Figure typo. A lot of the tutorials I am converting are from my original book, and McGraw liked to use Figure, not Photo. Brad
  9. Radical Brad

    New Forum Online!

    Thanks for the report on android. I added a tutorial tonight, hope the formatting works. I had to write an external program to "parse" the doc file and then convert it to compatible php code to fit within the forum framework. .... took 2 damn days - not as easy as welding! Brad
  10. Radical Brad

    New Forum Online!

    Thanks!! I am in my little shack listening to old Amiga tunes while I hack away on the code to integrate all the tutorials into the forum. It just made sense to use this forum as the platform for everything now. So far, it's coming along nicely. If all goes well, I will be able to put at least...
  11. Radical Brad

    New Forum Online!

    That's good news! The old version was almost broken due to PHP version issues and the fact that I gut sucked into using wordpress for the main site (was hacked). This new version seems so much more responsive as well, even up North on this little dish I am working off. I am half way to the...
  12. Radical Brad

    New Forum Online!

    There may be a few bumps as I get this new forum online. This is the latest version of the app. All members and posts have been migrated, but some old attachments may be gone (ran out of disk space). Let me know if something catches on fire and I will try to put it out. Thanks again everyone...
  13. Radical Brad

    YardMule Electric Tractor vs Excavator!

    The YardMule DIY Electric Tractor hauls 30 loads of dirt away from an excavation site. Since I had to cross a septic field and didn't want to mark up my lawn, the Mule was perfect for the job. Even after working for 4 hours up and down the massive hill to the dump site, the batteries were still...
  14. Radical Brad

    If anyone is into raising chickens or homesteading, we are hosting some fun DIY this weekend.

    You can register for the free seminar here... DIY on the Homestead! Cheers, Brad
  15. Radical Brad

    AZ RedNeck Pool!

    We decided to find a way to cool off in this heatwave... Atomic RedNeck Style! The DIY pool worked out so well that now it has a solar fountain, edge liner and will soon be getting drink holders, adjustable seating, a night time bug screen, and a small deck!
  16. Radical Brad

    Foolin around with my vidcam.

    Watering the crops 4 times a day in 35 degree weather! It's nice to hide in the cool basement and muck around with After Effects... Brad
  17. Radical Brad

    One of my favorite builds.

    Posted this oldie to the AZ Facebook page yesterday. I miss this beast!
  18. Radical Brad

    Digging through some ancient photos. DeltaWolf Fairing!

    I don't have the time or space for this right now, but I wish I did! Brad
  19. Radical Brad

    Cerberus - Robot Protector of The Realm!

    Something I started back in my city days. Dug this out of my collapsed junk shack and put a little work on the rear steering system. This large robot will autonomously patrol our farm and chase away deer and bears. I will be using a combination of GPS and machine vision, which is much easier...
  20. Radical Brad

    Mulin' Some H2O!

    We went from winter to mid summer in 3 days out here! So now my trusty YardMule is called to action.