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"Radical" Brad Graham

Kathy "KoolKat" McGowan

We are just two people that do this in our spare time!

AtomicZombie is completely run by two people known on our forum as Radical Brad and KoolKat. We do all of this our spare time after our normal day jobs and farm chores are done. It’s something that we love to do. Brad designs and builds; Kathy edits and manages logistics. That’s how DIY plans and tutorials are made here. We also do all of our own web work, another beast that demands attention from our busy lives here on our small farm.

We need your help.

We appreciate all of the support we have been given over the last 20 years in the form of DIY Plan purchases, as well as creative contributions to our online community. AZ is not a business in the normal sense of the word, since it actually costs us to keep it running. The sale of DIY plans pays for web hosting and some material costs, but we both work “regular” jobs to pay for the rest.

Having said that, all donations are greatly appreciated. Each dollar supports this fantastic community in the form of new DIY plans, videos and tutorials. Our goal is to grow AtomicZombie and create new, dynamic material thanks to feedback from our members. We strive to inspire creativity and in return, we are constantly inspired by our community! Thank you for supporting our work and this community.

Cheers, and Long Live DIY! - Radical Brad & KoolKat