I Build a LOT of different things! Here are just a few of my various projects, some presented as Build Logs and others as complete DIY Tutorials. Some of these projects end up as Plans for AtomicZombie, and others are just done for fun during the long Northern Ontario winters. Current works in progress will be at the top of the list, updated on a regular basis. If you would like to keep up to date on these Blogs or other AZ happenings, please scroll down and sign up for our monthly NewsLetter. Keep on Hackin' in The Free World!

Vulcan-74 Retro Game Computer
A powerful Retro Game Computer built using only 1980's logic and a single 6502 CPU.
Last Update : MAY 18 2019

Yard Mule Electric Dump Trike
An Electric Dump Trike made from a recycled truck differential and basic steel tubing.
Last Update : JUN 11 2019