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AtomicZombie Extreme Machines Newsletter for January 12, 2016

DIY Bike Builder's Forum
Check Out Our DIY Forum!

Our global Bike Builder's Forum is a great place to get advice on your DIY project, or show off your home built bike or trike.

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DIY Bike Builder's Gallery
DIY Bike Builder's Gallery

Show off your home built trikes and bikes, or take inspiration from the thousands of photos in our DIY Builder's Gallery.

Our Latest Tutorials...

HammerHead Winter Trike
HammerHead Winter Trike
Build a fun to ride DIY winter trike. This dual headed monster will run on snow, ice and slush. Great for winter riding!

Kids Tadpole Trike
Kids Tadpole Trike
An easy to build DIY kids tadpole trike. Build this fun trike using basic components taken from a pair of kids bikes.

Random Bike Quote...

Cool Bike/Trike Facts

Netherlands biking

Americans use their bicycles for less than one percent of all urban trips. Europeans bike in cities a lot more often. In Italy, 5 percent of all trips are on bicycle,

30 percent in the Netherlands, and seven out of eight Dutch people over age 15 have a bike.

Sources: Bicycle: The History, by David Herlihy;

Popular Plans This Month...

Viking Recumbent Tandem Tadpole Trike
The Viking Recumbent Tandem Tadpole Trike is a high performance tandem tadpole trike with an independent transmission, disc brakes, and dual adjustable bottom brackets.

Warrior Recumbent Tadpole Racing Trike
The Warrior Recumbent Tadpole Racing Trike is an amazing tadpole trike that can be built using only basic components. Includes under seat steering, disc brakes, adjustable cranks.

Aurora Delta Racing Trike
The Aurora Delta Racing Trike merges maximum speed with comfort. This unique DIY delta trike breaks new ground with rear suspension and dual disc brakes.

Spirit Short Wheelbase Racing Bike
The Spirit Short Wheelbase Racing Bike is an easy to build sporty short wheelbase recumbent bike with over seat steering and an adjustable bottom bracket.

What is an "AtomicZombie"?

By Ed Jackman (aka "edspedalcars")

As many are compelled to mention, it begins with a simple question, "What is an AtomicZombie"?

First, there comes 'Atomic', which is quite technomic, thus keeping many from becoming catatonic.

Now, the world abounds with many a follower each known simply as a 'Zombie', a name surely thought up by someone having had way too much coffee.

Zombieland is far to the north, we discover, often white with frigid cover.

Zombies must forage, constantly searching for that special part, fetching, buying, or trading before their creations can even start.

Whilst they look for crafting material, they must acquire Brad's reading material.

With just 6 for 36, Brad's deal is really quite the steal.

The young, the old, the newbies, the experienced and some not so much. But, all have felt the calling of discovery, creation and a camaraderie unequaled as such.

Zombies gather knowledge; they only need to ask, while the answers that come are never a task.

Zombies freely impart their wisdom as no question is ever dumb.

Our Zombie King, Brad, and Zombie Queen, Kate, their lair a world apart, continue to provide us a world where other Zombies can always feel a part.

When people ask at the end of the day, “What is An AtomicZombie?" you can say,

"It's a creature who walks mostly upright on two legs of various genders, with an uncanny ability to conjure up strange pedaling machines. They are known to inhabit sheds, garages, spare rooms, kitchens, backyards and anywhere their creative juices of cycle creativedom are allowed to flow unchecked.

Or, it's whatever you wish it to be!"

Builders Gallery Featured Projects

short wheel base recumbent
"New campmat seat cover, seat angle adjusted and bottom bracket lowered. It rides much better now and is much more comfortable." Built by Swizz69 from the UK.

Viking electric tandem
Based on AtomicZombie's Viking Tandem Trike, this home built version is shown here packed with camping gear. The tandem also has an electric assist motor. Built by Egnaro from France.

motorized schwinn
"After many changes this bike always had something to be done to it even if it didn't need it. This picture was half way through the trasformation. When it was running at its top, it hit 45 mph." Built by hornet915 from the USA.

recumbent tandem trike
"Tandem Recumbent Trike completed 2015. Maiden voyage on BikeNYC's Twin Lights Ride."
Built by JerseyJim from the USA.

See more than 4,000 pictures in the Builders Gallery and submit your own homemade bike pictures. It's free!

Bike Builders Tip

Setting steering headtubes

"Hi. I think I have found a very simple method to set head tubes on a straight front boom. Get two matching ladies' bikes with matching top tubes and matching head tubes (that slope downwards. Men's top tubes are typically near to horizontal). When the ladies' top tubes are held horizontal their head tubes should be at about 12 degrees.

Slip the ladies' top tubes into a slightly oversized pipe (snug fit) with boom length (oversized pipe) to your track requirements and then weld (where head tube touches end of oversized pipe), or bolt through both oversized pipe and ladies' top tube within.

If bolted, there is the possibility that the track width could be altered at a later date by slidng top tubes (in or out) and adding appropriate drill holes to oversized pipe (Ackermans may have to be altered).

Attach the steering boom (oversized pipe) to the main boom so that head tubes are at correct caster. Done."
~ Geoffrey from Wales

Read more about this tip @ the AtomicZombie bike builders forum.

bike plans

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