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AtomicZombie Extreme Machines Newsletter for December 24, 2014

long wheel base recumbent

Randy's Long Wheel Base Recumbent

Handmade in Arkansas


My wife and I ride bikes when the weather is nice. One day, I went to a bike shop and road tested a long wheel base recumbent bike. I really liked sitting back and enjoying the view. The bike was a lot of money, though. I have been looking on the Internet at recumbent bikes and discovered that some people were building their own. So, I started to get the bug to build one myself. I really liked the look of the Tour easy bikes so I started to draw my bike design like theirs, but I wanted it to look a little different and, to me, cooler looking. I wanted the lower chain stays to have a low angle and the top tube to have a bend in it.

building bike frame
Figure 1 - Building the bike frame.

I built a jig to keep everything straight. It has been a learn-as-I-go project. If anyone is going to build a similar bike I recommend a seat bottom like I used - a pedestal boat seat.

bicycle frame almost done
Figure 2 - Bike frame completed.

I have learned a lot about bikes from the Internet. I went on a 15 mile ride on it the other day and it was a great feeling knowing that I built this bike. I can't wait to paint the bike and ride it when the weather warms up. Like everyone says, I will probably build another one.

Randy and his wife live in the town of Lowell in northwest Arkansas.
He is 55 and self employed, building front spoilers for muscle cars of the 60s and 70s.

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