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Figure 6

So to clean up a derailleur and bring back its luster, you will need some basic tools as shown here; a small adjustable wrench, screwdriver, wire brush, fine steel wool, a rag, and some Varsol or degreaser. In extreme cases, you make need some fine grit sandpaper to remove rust.

Figure 7

Start your cleaning adventure by removing as much grease as you can using an old rag and some degreaser. You may find that your derailleur will come back to life with just a good external cleaning, but it won't hurt to continue on and regrease the wheels as shown later in this tutorial. I like to do a full clean and regrease on a derailleur after every year of service, as this gets rid of the "squeaks" and ensure smooth shifting.

Figure 8

The tension spring shown here, is wrapped around the main bolt, and it is responsible for the pulling back action that picks up the slack in the return chain. This will be one of the dirtiest parts of the derailleur, so give it a good wipe down with the degreasing agent and a rag.

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