The FrontRunner Front Wheel Drive Recumbent

The FrontRunner front wheel drive recumbent

The FrontRunner front wheel drive recumbent bike is a unique DIY bike that you can build using parts salvaged from a standard upright bicycle. This speedy recumbent bike is fully adjustable to riders of any leg length, and can even be folded in half for transportation or storage. The FrontRunner weighs the same as any ordinary bicycle and can have 18 or more speeds.

The unique sliding adjustable frame system

The FrontRunner front wheel drive can alter its wheelbase thanks to the easy to build adjustable frame boom, allowing more than 5 inches of adjustment for riders of varying leg lengths. The handlebars are also fully adjustable, so that you can set up your recumbent bike for optimal comfort.

The relaxed seating position allows for optimal power

A recumbent bike allows you to push hard into the back of the seat in order to deliver your power to the cranks when you need it. Of course, the laid back and comfortable seating position also means that you can enjoy a leisurely cruise without having to hold up your head to see the road in front of you.

The FrontRunner uses standard cycle components

All of the components used on the FrontRunner can be taken from a single working bicycle, so you can build your own DIY front wheel drive recumbent bike without having to hunt for parts. Even the frame is made of commonly available square tubing, so you can build the FrontRunner on a minimal budget.

Get an amazing workout on a recumbent bike

Recumbent bikes offer a workout that isn’t possible to get on a standard bicycle, pushing your legs to the absolute limits when you feel like racing. The FrontRunner front wheel drive recumbent takes this one step further, offering an upper body workout as well since the steering system and transmission are mounted on the same part of the frame.

Carve up the corners at full speed

Besides being comfortable, cool looking, and aerodynamic, a recumbent bike also allows the rider to keep on pedaling into even the sharpest of corners. Because the cranks are raised from the ground, there is no pedal strike while you are pedaling and turning simultaneously.

Build it yourself with minimal tools

You can build your own speedy front wheel drive recumbent bike for a fraction of what a new bike would cost you. All you need is a parts bike, some steel tubing, and basic tools in order to create your own DIY front wheel drive recumbent bike. There is plenty of room to add your own modifications in our easy-to-follow DIY bike plan, so you can create your own completely unique recumbent bike. If you have been itching to try out a front wheel drive recumbent bike, then grab your tools and build it yourself!

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This plan uses 1 Bottom Bracket

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The FrontRunner Front Wheel Drive Recumbent