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DIY Cone Wrench Wheel Bearing Service HammerHead Trike Kids Tadpole Trike

DIY Cone Wrench

DIY Bike tools on a budget! Build your own high quality bicycle cone nut wrench using an old box wrench and an angle grinder.

Wheel Bearing Service

Learn to lubricate and setup your cup and cone wheel bearings. Keep your DIY recumbent bike running like clockwork.

HammerHead Winter Trike

Build a fun to ride DIY winter trike. This dual headed monster will run on snow, ice and slush. Great for winter riding!

Kids Tadpole Trike

An easy to build DIY kids tadpole trike. Build this fun trike using basic components taken from a pair of kids bikes.

Derailleur Restoration Building a VeloMobile Fork Stem Shorten Highlander Chopper

Derailleur Restoration

Make an old rear derailleur look and sound like new with some basic cleaning and lubricating. Keep your transmission running smooth.

Building a VeloMobile

An ongoing build log detailing the design creation of The AtomicZombie Practical VeloMobile. Updated on March 31, 2013.

Fork Stem Shortening

A simple method that can be used to shorten the length of your steerer tube to fit into a custom length head tube.

Highlander Chopper

Build a cool retro style DIY chopper using a few lengths of electical conduit and some scrap bicycle parts.

Chain Link Tool 3 Cross Wheel Lacing Kids Electric Trike The SideWinder

Chain Link Tool

This tutorial will demonstrate the use of an inexpensive chain link tool to modify the length of a bicycle chain.

3 Cross Wheel Lacing

This wheel lacing tutorial will show you how to take apart a 36 spoke 3-cross wheel and then put it back together again.

Kids Electric Trike

An easy to build DIY electric trike that your young pilot can enjoy indoors or outdoors. Uses parts from a small electric scooter.

SideWinder Stunt Bike

A unique DIY swing bike that can alter its wheelbase on the fly and snake around corners in ways that would normally be impossible.

Detachable Tandem Simple SWB Recumbent Simple MTB Tandem Wheel Part Salvaging

A Detachable Tandem

Convert any bike into a tandem bike with this easy to build kid's add-on tandem. Allows your young rider to add to the effort.

Simple SWB Recumbent

An easy to build weekend project that converts a 20 inch kid's bike into a fun to ride short wheelbase recumbent bike.

Mountain Bike Tandem

Build this low cost durable mountain bike DIY tandem in a single afternoon using only parts from a standard mountain bike.

Wheel Part Salvaging

Learn to completely disassemble a rear multi-speed bicycle wheel in order to salvage the hub, axle, spokes and the rear freewheel.

Basic Fishmouth Cutting Bicycle Bearing Basics Bottom Bracket Bearings Head Tube Bearings

Basic Fishmouth Cutting

This basic tutorial will cover cutting a simple 90 degree fishmouth into round and square tubing using an angle grinder and a hand file.

Bicycle Bearing Basics

This basic tutorial will demonstrate how to remove, grease, and reassemble bicycle ball bearings to keep then functioning with minimal friction.

Bottom Bracket Bearings

This tutorial will demonstrate the workings of a typical 3 piece bottom bracket, showing the removal and installation of the components that make up the bearing system.

Head Tube Bearings

This tutorial will demonstrate the workings of a typical bicycle threaded head tube set, showing the removal and installation of the various internal components.

Diamond Frame Chopping DeltaWolf Steering Mod No Lathe Trike Hubs Arc Welding Basics

Diamond Frame Chopping

This tutorial will guide you through the process of cutting up a typical diamond shaped bicycle frame into its individual tubes and components for use in your own designs.

DeltaWolf Steering Mod

This modification will show you how to convert your DeltaWolf Racing Trike from over seat steering to under seat steering.

No Lathe Trike Hubs

Learn how to lace a wheel onto a delta trike axle without requiring any expensive machined parts or complex hub modifications.

Arc Welding Basics

An introduction to steel welding using a basic arc welder. This tutorial covers some basic tips and techniques of stick welding.

The Spin Scooter Grannys Nightmare World Record SkyCycle OldSkool Chopper

The Spin Scooter

Build The Spin Scooter, an experimental dual wheel steering stand up scooter that will allow for some wild and crazy stunt riding.

Granny's Nightmare

Turn an old granny bike into a cool looking chopper with minimal effort. This tutorial includes a tiple tree fork extension that can be used on any chopper.

World Record SkyCycle

Sometimes that crazy idea can make you famous! This is the story of how I turned a few scrap bikes and some leftover tubing into a Guinness World Record.

OldSkool Chopper

Build a retro style chopper from a 1970's frame and some scrap tubing. This tutorial is an example of how to salvage scrap metal into something cool.

Bicycle Autopsy 1 Piece Bottom Bracket 3 Piece Bottom Bracket Cranks And Pedals

Bicycle Autopsy

This tutorial demonstrates how to tear down a typical suspension bicycle so that you can use the parts in your own custom bike or trike designs.

1 Piece Bottom Bracket

This basic tutorial demonstrates the disassembly and components that make up a single piece bottom bracket.

3 Piece Bottom Bracket

This basic tutorial demonstrates the disassembly and components that make up a three piece bottom bracket.

Cranks And Pedals

A short introduction to the cranks, threads and pedals. Determine the proper thread direction for right and left pedals.

Bike Chain Basics Rake And Trail Front Derailleur Basics Rear Derailleur Basics

Bike Chain Basics

A short introduction to the two types of commonly used bicycle chains. Joining and breaking chains for your own custom bike designs.

Rake And Trail

This short tutorial demonstrates how to calculate rake and trail and how it effects the steering characteristics of your vehicle.

Front Derailleur Basics

This basic tutorial describes the functioning of the front derailleur and how it moves the chain on and off the front chain rings.

Rear Derailleur Basics

This basic tutorial describes the functioning of the rear derailleur and how it moves the chain on and off the freehub chain rings.

Bike Brake Basics Bike Cable Basics Bicycle Freewheel Gooseneck Basics

Bike Brake Basics

A short introduction to common bicycle brakes and levers, showing how they operate and how to maintain them.

Bike Cable Basics

This basic tutorial demonstrates the workings of bicycle brake and shifter cables, showing how to install them.

Bicycle Freewheel

This tutorial covers the inner workings of a bicycle freewheel and shows how to install and service the bearings.

Gooseneck Basics

A short introduction to the installation and alignment of a common steel bicycle gooseneck.

SkyWalker TallBike SkyStyle TallBike Coaster Brake Hub Head Tube Basics

SkyWalker TallBike

Our SkyWalker TallBike has been designed so that the pilot can get up and down from the seat while the bike is moving.

SkyStyle TallBike

This easy to build TallBike can be mounted from the ground without having to lean the bike up agains a fence or pole.

Coaster Brake Hub

This tutorial demonstrates the inner workings and installation of a single speed back pedal coaster brake hub.

Head Tube Basics

This tutorial demonstrates the installation of the head tube bearing cups and operation of the bearing hardware.

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